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Diamondback DB380 6+1FN Herstal Five-Seven 20+1Glock 26 9mm 13+1Glock 30 slim frame 45acp 10+1Glock 36 45acp 6+1Kahr Arms P380 380acp 6+1Kahr Arms PM9 9mm 7+1Kel-Tec P-11 9mm 10+1Beretta Px4 Storm SC 9mm 13+1Ruger LCR 38special +P 5Smith & Wesson M&P 45acp 8+1Taurus TCP 380acp 6+1Taurus Slim 9mm 7+1Springfield Armory XD 9mm 13+1 and 16+1Smith & Wesson Bodyguard BG380 380acp 6+1Taurus 1911 45acp 8+1Springfield Armory XD 45acp 10+1 and 13+1Walther PPS 9mm 6+1Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm 12+1

we handle almost ONE HUNDRED brands of firearms

BerettaBrowningBushmasterColtCharles DalyEuropean American ArmoryFN HerstalGlockHarrington & RichardsonHenry Repeating ArmsHeckler & KochKahr ArmsKel-TecKimberLes Baer CustomMagnum ResearchMarlinMossbergPara-OrdnanceRemingtonRock River ArmsRossiRugerSmith & WessonSavageSig ArmsSig SauerStag ArmsSTI InternationalTaurusWaltherWeatherbyWilson CombatWinchester

easy as 1-2-3, TEXAS SHOOTER will:
1) help you select the "right" firearm for your personal needs,
2) walk you through the federally mandated paperwork & FBI background check, and
3) complete the sale & transfer the firearm to you

Texas Shooter will buy or trade any of your existing firearms as well as receive and transfer firearms from other FFLs

with federal regulations in flux, take advantage now of our services to secure the personal firearms you want while you still can and before prices rise further

simply call 214-763-1665 or email info@texasshooter.com today and we'll get you taken of professionally

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